Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Website Updates, Southeast Storms

After getting back from the National Storm Chasers Convention in Denver this past weekend and my latest Dynamics test, I'm now getting geared up for spring. Some updates are coming to my website within the next few weeks including chase accounts form 2-10-09 and 5-22-08 as well as a Google Map of tornadoes I've encountered. Also, the car might undergo some storm related repairs and modifications this weekend.

Currently, there are multiple severe weather reports coming in from the parts of the southeast US. Here is a radar grab of 4 potential tornadic supercells in Georgia.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carter County Tornado

We viewed a large tornado and multiple power flashes near Gene Autry in southern Oklahoma on Tuesday evening. NWS crews are out surveying the damage right now and there will be more info coming soon about this tornado.

Here is one of the video stills from near Gene Autry, OK in northeastern Carter Co. We are still trying to pull some contrast out of other video and pictures.

Some better shots here near Ardmore: