Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Storm Chances this Week, Website Stuff

We went ahead and called off today's chase in southwest TX / eastern NM. Hopefully it was the right decision and plus I have a lot of stuff back here in Norman I need to take care of. That said, there are multiple chase opportunities coming up this week. Wednesday presents a nice dryline stretching from western KS back south into the TX panhandle. Morning cloud cover/precip may make this a difficult forecast though. Thursday and Friday will be centered around a slow moving cold front in the southern plains.

Sunday's chase in western Oklahoma was a great success for us and other chasers who were on that particular storm. Other than that the high risk for tornadoes across much of Oklahoma was a bust. I'll have video up hopefully within the next week or so of that event.

Went ahead and said goodbye to capturethestorm.com. I'll be instead sticking with the blog and posting videos to youtube (both are free). Visit both sites frequently as I'll update here very frequently since my original site is no longer around.

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