Saturday, June 6, 2009

REPORT: June 5, 2009 Goshen Co. Wyoming

My dad and I watched the entire life cycle of the Goshen Co. WY supercell and tornado yesterday afternoon. Incredible chase for sure, here's a brief summary.

Chasing into Wyoming for the 2nd time in my career.

We got bored waiting for the cap to break and did some sight seeing in Pine Bluffs, WY.

Dad point to the wall cloud saying 'that's where its going to be'

Sure enough, not long after, a few funnels came down and then the main tornado dropped.

We enjoyed watching tornadogenesis from a distance but I had to move up the road for a closer view. The tornado became partially rainwrapped but we still managed some shots.

We continued north where the weakening rain-wrapped tornado crossed the road near the north of us. It emerged out of the rain again while roping out giving us some great shots.

I'll get some video up sometime next week once we get back from our chase-marathon.


Nicklas said...

Hi.just wanna say I follow this blog always. We dont have those weathersystems u´ve got i the states like supercell here in sweden just some normal thunder clouds and i just love bad weather :) keep it up!

Brandon Brown said...

Beautiful storm! Congrats on a successful chase.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the really beautiful pictures, looks like you and your dad are having an amazing time.