Thursday, April 30, 2009

REPORT: April 29, 2009 TX panhandle Tornadoes

I started the day off near Ralls, TX (just east of Lubbock) watching early convection fire along an old outflow boundary to the south of there. A couple of severe warned storms were ongoing early but I had my main focus on more leftover outflow boundaries in the Plainview to Childress area. Before long, a few towers started to erupt on another boundary in my target area and I intercepted a few of them in the Floydada area. We were in between two nice rotating supercells near Whiteflat, TX when I noticed the one to my west about 10-15 miles quickly producing a large barrel tornado.

It slowly transitioned into a tall, dusty looking stovepipe with more intense circulation just near the ground.

Quickly changing over to a stovepipe cruising through the windfarm before it got wrapped in rain and roped out.

The crazy late April week of chasing may continue today with a marginal setup in the southern plains. I'll be looking for and outflow boundary or just playing the slow moving cold front in central Oklahoma somewhere. Things may once again fire off a front tomorrow in Oklahoma before it crashes south for the weekend.

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