Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 30, 2016 Chase Report

Well, not much to report on other than I went for it yesterday and pretty much busted. I woke up in Norman, OK and sat around until noon or so. The first (or second) round of convection in central Oklahoma had me worried about buoyancy issues later in the day near my original target in se KS/ne OK. I opted to go south (distance to home may have swayed this) and target north TX where there was plenty of juice piling up but shear was lacking quite a bit. Chased around DFW area and had some 1" hail and near 70mph winds near Burleson, TX. Here's an interesting shot showing the outflow from storms in se OK that helped fuel the next round of storms northeast of OKC that went on to produce the Tulsa area tornadoes.
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Another example of knowing the issues of the south play but still targeting that region. I knew that better 850 flow would be further north and east enhancing SRH.
I only stopped a couple of times and snapped some phone pics.

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