Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tornadoes in ND, Severe Weather likely again Tomorrow

Multiple tornado reports are coming in from North Dakota this evening. A line of isolated supercells erupted this afternoon ahead of a cold front in central ND and spread east into a primed environment for tornadoes. Here's a picture of the report locations for today.

Severe weather is likely again tomorrow, Monday August 27th, across ND,SD,MN, IA, and NE as the cold front continues its southward march. A strong cap may limit coverage but the forcing along the cold front coupled with the timing of the upper air disturbance may be enough to break through the inversion before nightfall. A surface low is forecast to move from central SD northeastward through Minnesota possibly backing surface winds and enhancing hodographs. The LLJ is forecast to be quite strong, 40-50kts, just after 00z making for impressive low-level shear values. Unfortunately I can't chase tomorrow due to school, the tough semester, but I'll keep an eye on it and I wouldn't be surprised to see a tornado or two reported tomorrow.

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