Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Southeast Storms on the 10th

A classic setup for severe storms will likely unfold across the southeast US on the 10th as a large upper trough tracks across the central US interacting with Gulf moisture coming in from the south.

Warm, moist air near the surface coupled with cooling temperatures aloft associated with the upper low will allow moderate destabilization of the atmosphere throughout the day on Thursday (depending on cloud cover too).

Storms will likely be ongoing throughout the day focused on a strong cold front associated with the strong storm system. Another round of stronger, possibly severe storms may fire in the afternoon hours resulting in wind damage, hail, and possibly tornadoes. I think the primary mode of damage will be straight line winds due to the nature of the shear profiles and forcing along the front. Here is a look at SPC's latest outlook. Tomorrow could very well be the 1st Mod. Risk of the year.

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