Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on Major Storm

For the southern portions, tornadow watch #29 has been issued for much of se Texas and sw Louisiana. The largest concern for tornados will likely be from I-10 south to the immedite coastline. Very strong low-level vertical shear (~40kts in lowest 1km per SPC mesoanaylsis ) and very high 0-1km storm relative helicity values (>500m^2/s^2) will favor breif tornado spinups when coupled with the low LCL's in the region.

For the northern side of the storm, heavy snow is falling in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas currently. As the surface low tracks across the Red River Valley today, pockets of heavy snow will likely exist north east of the low.

Here is the latest view of the entire storm system bringing severe storms to TX/LA and snow to KS/OK.

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