Thursday, May 5, 2016

Early May Update

Not much going on this week but here's a quick recap of March and April. I've been on 3 chases since the April 15th tornadoes in the Oklahoma Panhandle. 4/24 was a bust in central Kansas, 4/26 was a bust in west central Oklahoma, and 4/29 led me to some rain wrapped supercells and tornadoes in SW-Central Oklahoma. Below is some video from that day where I tried to close in on a rain wrapped tornado near Ninnekah, OK.

April 29 2016 Ninnekah, OK from Sam Dienst on Vimeo.

The next system will move into the plains over the weekend and I will be out chasing then as well. Targeting northeast CO/northwest KS on Saturday 5/7 then KS/OK on Sunday 5/8. Some minor setups in the southern plains early next week may follow.

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