Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 15th Video from near Pampa, TX

May 15th was one of my favorite chase days so far this year. A slow moving tornadic supercell tracked across the northeast TX panhandle displaying beautiful structure and dropping numerous EF0-EF2 tornadoes.

(Many sections of the video were highly contrasted to view some of the tornadoes)

A few marginal chase days may be coming up on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Not sure if I'll be chasing yet as it will likely be day-to-day decisions.

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TwistedHorseLover said...

When that storm hit Pampa, I was at my house here in Pampa. I was by myself and yes it was scarry. Just moments before the tornado hit just east of town. I was listening to my scanner. Two of the sheriff's were scared. You could hear it in their voices. That was when the power went out. The damage was minimal to several homes, but yes some were damaged pretty badly. Thankfully NO ONE was killed or hurt.