Wednesday, May 6, 2009

REPORT: May 5, 2009 northwest TX

Another decent setup on the 5th led us down to an initial target of Throckmorton, TX. A dryline was forecast to mix east to near ABI and points south with a slowly retreating warm front setting up in north TX. The cap held strong and we sat in Throckmorton getting a nice sun burn. A few Cu started to bubble just south of there and Brandon McClung and I started to ease south towards Albany, TX. An initial storm went up between Albany and Breckenridge but quickly died. However this first attempt was enough to weaken the cap sufficiently for a second storm to fire back west of Breckenridge a half hour later or so. We made our way underneath this storm just east of Breckenridge where it quickly became severe warned producing quarter sized hail. A rotating wall cloud quickly came into our view before rain wrapped around the back side and the storm began its southward movement. We retreated east with plans of going south but our road options sucked due to a bridge being out on the best south option. We continued east even more and finally dropped south beating the storm to Strawn, TX where it produced baseball hail. Our view from the I-20 south of Strawn was great with impressive shots of the updraft....

A nice wall cloud was located just to our northeast as well. It had decent broad rotation but could never tighten up enough for tornadogenesis.

We followed the storm south of I-20 a few miles where multiple occlusions occurred with strong RFD's cutting around the back of the storm killing any decent shot at a tornado. We let the storm pass and got in behind it to shot some late evening structure.

Overall, it was another good May chase in Texas. I got to meet some chasers from Saskatchewan, Canada along with fellow Oklahoma chaser Michael Ratliff.

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