Friday, May 15, 2009

REPORT: May 15, 2009 TX panhandle

Awesome chase day! We were on the Roberts/Gray Co. TX cell for most all of its life. Initially got a good view on HWY 60 southwest of Miami where a nice meso was cranking. Viewed a brief tornado off to the west a few miles with a high based funnel and associated ground circulation. Moved southwest and watched a rapidly rotating wall cloud produce another short lived elephant trunk type tornado somewhere just east of Hoover. Rain began wrapping around the meso and obscuring the view but another funnel/possible tornado was seen somehwere near 60 south of Hoover. I was only shooting with the video camera when the tornadoes touched down so I'll get some vid grabs up later. Here are some of the structure shots I took though.

Some video grabs of the brief tornadoes. I'll hopefully get some video up from 5/13 and 5/15 chases here soon.


Marcian said...

Beautiful structure!

Michael O'Keeffe said...

Incredible supercell man! Your on fire this year. You've nabbed some incredible on every chase! Keep it up!

Brandon Brown said...

Awesome storm! I hope to see storms like that up here this summer. Still waiting patiently for our season to start. It's been really dry up here, so this late spring snowstorm were having will help with moisture, I hope! 7.5 cm so far, (3 inches).