Friday, March 14, 2008

Chase Today

Currently I'm still in Norman but plan on heading out to the OK/KS border (Harper/Barber/Woods/Alfalfa county) at about 11am or so. Biggest problem today will be low-level moisture. Deepening sfc low over eastern Colorado will move southeastward and eventually east later today. Hopefully winds will back to an ese direction and pull some decent moisture into the region. Good directional and speed shear will likely exist but moisture is still key. Right now, latest guidance shows 50F Td may be hard to achieve but I will monitor this closely. Still, both high-resolution WRF & NSSL models show cell firing in the above mentioned area around 4pm. I don't expect much in the way of tornado potential but a sculpted supercell would be nice. Will likely follow the storms east after sunset as long as road networks remain good. Will update later, either before leaving or on the road. Good luck to others heading out!

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