Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Report: March 17, 2008

Today we targeted Wichita Falls to Abilene, TX. Day started early with convection around Abilene about 1pm. On storm quickly went tornado warned while we were on our way there. Got there 5 minutes after a small reported tornado and saw a leftover wall cloud that was rotating and beginning to tighten up. It eventually crapped out and we st back for a while til around 530pm when another round fired off this time a bit south of Abilene. We got on a severe T-storm south of Abilen near Taylor/Runnels co. line This storm presented nice structure but not much of a tornado threat the storm ended up splitting and we followed it north. Encountered some nice hail with the right split then later the left split became tornado warned and tracked right toward downtown Abilene. We followed it through the city with no confirmed touchdowns. We stayed on this storm until just after dark shooting some nice CG lightning then returned back north making it back to Norman right at midnight.

Storm 1: Wall cloud near I-20 just west of Abilene.

Storm 2: Hail Producer near Taylor /Runnels County line.

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