Sunday, March 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Today

Will likely meet up with a few people in a couple of hours and head west around noon. Plan is to stop in Clinton or Weatherford and sit and wait for a while.

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OWSweather said...

Need another opinion? I do forecast just tornadoes, which is what Tornado Chasers are into anyhow. Not caring about severe thunderstorms, just tornadoes.

I run
It is a sight in Southern California, but there is a section for storm chasers as well. The ChaserCast service is free till May 15, 2008 until we will provide it to those that link to the ChaserCast section only. Check the Tornado Prediction Center at
Click forecast tool for the tornado labs software output for today. Target is Western and Northern Oklahoma. The study will be improving daily after each event so always check back if you want. The service is free to chasers and may place chasers in the right spot, at the right time, and not waste time/money/gas etc.

I use different forecast numbers for my outputs. E-mail me back if you want. Good luck today/tonight...

Kevin Martin
Tornado Prediction Center